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Welcome to The Homeland Of The ULTRANET, a old looking webpage for the modern world! This site is just mostly a test website, to test out new HTML skill. The website will change alot, now that i'm working on the site once again for 2021.

About UltraNet

This site is mostly just a excuse to have my own website. It's another excuse to learn HTML, and show my passion of technology of yesterday.

About Me, i'm Scamdisk. You might know me from WinClassic. I'm pretty much addicted to use Classic Theme and trying to make Windows 10 LTSB a mega hybrid of 95, 98, ME, 2k. I don't like modern design, though I am starting to like it more now
that we're getting "Modern" design up our arse. You will mostly see me playing Minecraft and Quake. That's pretty much it :P, enjoy Ultranet!

Website Updates

UltraNet has landed on Discord - January 11, 2021
It has traveled to Discord! For people that want to talk to me, or other people. The invite link is on Resources, cheers.

Discord Tag - January 11, 2021
I've put my discord tab at the bottom of the pages if you need to contact me, though i'm working on another page with a few contacts.

New Website Name! - January 3, 2021
I wanted a new name for the website and want to redesign, again. After a few seconds of thinking, the new website name will be "The Homeland Of The UltraNet." You could call it as "UltraNet" for short. Alongside that, there would be a new design, it would just be less cleaner and more pages. Cheers :D.

Massize Site Update! - October 31, 2020
Hello everybody, A very very HUGE update to the website has been shelled out!

Site Update - October 30, 2020
A Site update has been slipped through! Now with middle text!

Website Launch - October 30, 2020
This website has been launched!